Building a sustainable future

ICCA AP Summit’s contribution to a clean marine environment for Yokohama

Yokohama and Blue Carbon

  • Yokohama – a city where grass roots activities to improve the local coastal environment had been undertaken long before “sustainability” became a global watchword. As a port city, the bay had always been an integral part of the landscape and it was only natural that people co-existed and cared about the ocean.

  • City of Yokohama has also proactively tackled environmental issues with a forward-looking mindset. The city decided to focus on Blue Carbon (carbon sequestered and stored naturally by seagrasses and other living organisms in coastal and marine ecosystems) as advocated by the United Nations, and established the Yokohama Blue Carbon Offset system in collaboration with local corporations and citizens who were actively involved in activities to preserve the environment.

  • The Yokohama Blue Carbon Offset system, centered on the city’s marine environment, is an initiative aiming to further advance ocean-related environmental activities. Ensuring a beautiful, abundant marine environment in our own backyard will enable citizens to enjoy a healthy life in a humane environment – this is the true meaning of sustainable development.

About Yokohama’s Blue Carbon Offset System

Yokohama independently developed this project that utilizes marine resources as part of its efforts to tackle global warming. The system acts to wholly or partially offset the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that despite efforts cannot be reduced, through “Blue Carbon” and “Blue Resources.”

  • What is Blue Carbon?
    • Blue Carbon refers to the carbon sequestered and stored naturally by seagrasses and other living organisms in coastal and marine ecosystems.
  • What are Blue Resources?
    • Blue Resources refers to the effective use of energy and other resources in coastal and marine environments.

At the 2nd ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter Summit, 5 Euros from each delegate’s registration fee will be allotted to the purchase of credits under Yokohama’s Blue Carbon Offset System. In this way, all participants are contributing to this sustainability endeavor toward preserving the beautiful ocean of Yokohama, the AP Summit 2020 destination.