Host Destination

As Japan opened its borders 160 years ago, Yokohama became the country’s gateway to the outside world, transformed from a sleepy hamlet to Japan’s leading convention city. Swiftly becoming the hub of the nation’s commerce and the center of Japan’s cross-border ties of culture and friendship. Today, while evolving into a major international city, Yokohama retains the easy-going atmosphere of its past. With less congestion than other crowded metropolises and the breeze from the Pacific Ocean, visitors can experience a way of life that is unique in Japan.

Yokohama is not only the location of choice for hundreds of internationally minded companies but also a hub of academia and research. Organizations and businesses choose to be based in Yokohama because it is a place where ideas come together, where alliances are forged, and where innovation occurs every day. These same attributes have made the city an ideal location for global conferences.